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A heated Trini Trent discusses Nick Cannon’s whiteface comedy as a case study of white vs black racism!

Trini Trent shares his thoughts on the 2014 International Soca Monarch and Trinidad Carnival!

Trini Trent discusses the pressure men face from music and wider society, forcing them to express their homosexual urges on the down low!

Trini Trent talks about recent incidents of homophobia in popular culture, such as music, Braxton Family Values and the notorious recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Make sure you check out the new episode of Trini Trent TV on the Displacement of Black Artists in Music! #trinitrent #music #BlackHistoryMonth

Trini Trent address the issues of appropriation of culture and the displacement of black artists in the music industry!

New episode of Trini Trent TV is up! The Objectification of women in music, using Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Grammy performance as a case study #trinitrent #grammys #beyonce #music

Trini Trent uses Beyonce and Jay-Z’s performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards as a case study to address the objectification of women in music!

Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys have all experienced career declines but which artist needs a reinvention the most?